Drilling through hard rock and earth can quickly wear out most drilling equipment. Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd solves that problem by providing offshore oil rig and onshore drilling rig specifically designed to drill through hard rock, gravel, cobblestone, sand, and soil safely and efficiently. We take into account the mountainous or hilly terrain that our customers from around the world may be working in, and configure our water well drilling rigs, rotary drill rigs, DTH drilling rig and horizontal directional drilling rigs to be easy to transport with high rigidity. And if you experience any problems with our drilling equipment, our extensive after-sales services will help you repair and maintain your machines so they last for ten years or more. At Hanfa Group, you’ll save money and have a quality drilling rig.

Main products
    1. Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig, HFT600ST

      This truck mounted water well drilling rig, HFT600, can be easily maneuvered, is compact and inexpensive to transport, and has reliable transmission and simple operation. We've designed our multi-functional drilling rig to include features such as a mud pump, four jacks, etc.

    1. HFW200L Multi-Functional Water Well Drilling Rig

      The HFW-200L multi-functional water well drilling rig is commonly used by contractors for drilling water wells for locally sourced water usage along with other applications including hole blasting, bolting and anchor cable installation.

    1. Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig, HF120W

      The HF120W Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig has a compact structure with a small truck, so it can easily move from site to site.
      A hydraulic system makes the land rig convenient to operate.

    1. Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig, HF150T

      The HF150T Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig is lightweight, drilling easily through different material. The multi-functional drilling rig is highly efficient, thanks to the turntable's large torque.

    1. DTH Drilling Rig, HF130Y

      The HF130Y DTH drilling rig incorporates new hydraulic technology that features low air consumption and a large torque rotation. The compact DTH core drilling machine has an adjustable mast for different drilling projects.

    1. DTH Drilling Rig, HF140Y

      The HF140Y DTH drilling rig features low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy mobility, and superior technical performance. This high pressure DTH drilling machine has low maintenance costs and operates quickly and reliably.

    1. HF530 Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

      The folding mast structure of the HF530 hydraulic rotary drilling rig has the advantages of a simple structure with great durability and ease of maintenance throughout its working lifetime.
      The power head features a unique patented structure, saving costs through efficiency and repair convenience.

    1. Rotary Drilling Rig, HF856A

      The HF856A rotary drilling rig has a U-shaped connector between the props and drilling rig. The main winch is placed in a U-shaped groove in view of the operator, who can clearly observe the working condition. The compact and lightweight design makes the rotary driller easy to transport at low costs.

    1. Underground Drilling Rig (Hydraulic)

      The HFU-3A hydraulic underground drilling rig is used for mining coal, geological surveying, metallurgy and engineering. This deepwater drilling rig can drill horizontally or vertically for coal mines and water injection.

  • Partner Examples
  • In August of 2014, we shipped the HF100YA2 mining drilling equipment to Trix in Switzerland for use in open ore mining. Not only did she send back positive feedback, she placed an order for a second one in the following year.

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