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Multi-Functional Water Well Drilling Rig

The HFW-200L multi-functional water well drilling rig is commonly used by contractors for drilling water wells for locally sourced water usage along with other applications including hole blasting, bolting and anchor cable installation.

The rig features a variety of patented components that add to the power and efficiency of the equipment. The top drive rotary power head and hydraulic rotary disk along with the hydraulic winch chain propulsion allow for deep hole drilling applications. The drill unit uses rotary drilling and DTH hammer drilling technology to drill through top soil, sand, gravel and some rock layers.

The versatility of this machine is what sets it apart from the competition and the extremely efficient hydraulic components are also incredibly powerful.

1. High precision roller guide line reduces sliding friction to prolong the lifetime of the extension guide.
2. The hydraulic power head, hydraulic rotary disc motor chain, and hydraulic winch binding offer incredible strength during drilling operation.
3. The rig is very conveniently operated with its air compressor and DTH hammer. Using compressed air, the DTH hammer drilling technology can perform bedrock drilling operations.
4. The rig is equipped with a patented hydraulic rotary disk, mud pump, and hydraulic winch.
5. The hydraulic system is equipped with a separate air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler. A water cooled system can be installed for extended applications.
6. Four strengthened hydraulic jacks can operate as a self-loading system, to ensure a steady rotation and save lifting costs.

HFW200L water well drilling machine specification:
Engine power Kw 110
Max.drilling depth M 200
Borehole diameter Mm Rock layer100-200,soil layer500-1000
Working air pressure Mpa 1.05-2.46
The total gas consumption m3/min 16-30
Drilling efficiency m/h 10-25
Length of drill rod m 3
Drill pipe diameter mm 89/108
The driven rod mm 108*108
Axial pressure KN 120
Lifting force KN 120
Hydraulic hoist KN 100
Slow down, slow speed m/min 9.2
Rise fast, fast forward speed m/min 50
Power head of rotary torque Nm 5400
Lower rotary hydraulic turntable Nm 35000
Rotary speed r.p.m 0-50,0-100
Hydraulic mud pump L/min 250
Walking speed Km/h 3
Climbing ability ° 20
Host weight KN 7200
Mainframe exterior size mm 5700*2100*3200
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