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Drilling Accessories

The BW160/BW200/BW250 mud pumps are used with irrigation and agricultural machinery to supply mud or water. During geological surveys or borehole drilling, the irrigation mud pump lubricates drill bits and drilling tools to help dig deeper holes and carries unwanted rock debris out of the hole. Featuring high pressure, little energy consumption, easy operation, high quality materials, and durability, this drilling equipment accessory is easy to move even in mountainous or rugged terrain.

Technical Parameters
Mud Pump Specifications
Model No. BW160 BW200 BW250
Type Horizontal single cylinder double action reciprocating piston pump Horizontal type two cylinder double-acting pump Horizontal triplex reciprocating single acting piston pump
Cylinder Diameter 95mm 80, 65mm 80, 65, 70mm
Piston Stroke 85mm 85mm
Frequency of Stroke 165 times/min 145 times/min 200 times/min
Flow Rate 160L /min 200, 125L/min 250, 166, 200L /min
Pressure 1.3mpa 4, 6mpa 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 7mpa
Power Input 5.88kW 14.7Kw/20Hp 22kw
Diameter of Suction Pipe 50mm 65mm 76mm
Diameter of Discharge Pipe 40mm 37mm 51mm
Overall dimensions ( LxWxH ) 1110 x 725 x 965 mm 1050X630X820mm 1100x995x650mm
Weight 200kg 300Kg 760KG
Other Accessories
  • HQ, NQ, BQ, PQ drill pipe
  • Inside pipe wrench
  • Joint
  • Jump ring
  • PDC drill bit
  • Screw tap
  • Tap
  • Tricone bit for hard rock
  • Trojans gripper
  • Water swivel
  • Winch