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Water Detector

Our water detectors are sophisticated units that use relative parameters like resistivity variation to locate water prior to well drilling. The devices can find the location of the water but also provide information such as depth and outflow. The highly accurate equipment saves time and money by eliminating the process of drilling and searching for water manually.

Main Features:
1. Fast and highly efficient: The water detector can complete a 4000m profile survey in a day, 10 times faster than traditional methods.
2. Easy to carry: The equipment weighs less than 5kg
3. Simple operation: After a simple training process the water detector can be used by nearly anyone.
4. Good precision and high accuracy: Resolution up to 0.001mV, high precision ±5%.
5. Strong Anti-Jamming capacity: Advanced anti-jamming technology prevents interference caused by local factors.
6. Flexible array: Traditional and unique array methods

Parameter Data:
Automatic noise reduction, super anti-jamming.
Measure 3frequencies (25HZ, 67HZ, 167HZ) or 30 frequencies test synchronously.
Automatic testing, data storage and map curves. No need for manual data recording
Store 30 curves in 3 frequencies and 30 curves in multi-frequency surveys.
Built-in rechargreable batteries
Electrode detection and power monitoring.
Measuring range: 0.001mV-255mV (exchange range automatically)
Resolution: 0.001mV
Input Impedance: ≥10MΩ