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DTH Drilling Rig

The HF140Y DTH drilling rig features low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy mobility, and superior technical performance. This high pressure DTH drilling machine has low maintenance costs and operates quickly and reliably. The rotary system of the crawler drill rig uses a new dual-motor turret for open-air blasting operations when drilling large holes. With easy mobility and an adjustable climbing height, the drilling equipment is suitable for operation on rugged terrain, making holes with a diameter range between 105-165mm. The onshore drilling rig is used in mining, highway construction, water conservancy, power station construction and other construction projects.

Main Technical Parameters
Wind pressure ( Mpa ) 1.2-2.46
Air consumption (m³/min) 10-20
Drilling diameter (mm) 115-140
Drilling depth (m) Down 60m
Once promotion distance (mm) 3000
Drill diameter (mm) 76
Skid compensation (mm) 1200
Maximum lift force (N) 26000
Guide shell lutting (°) Up and down total 100
Guide shell swing angle (°) Left and right total 100
Boom lift angle (°) Up and down total 70
Boom swing angle (°) 70
Grade ability (°) 30
Chassis ground clearance (mm) 300
Traveling speed (Km/h) 0-2.5
Back to the transit speed (r/min) 0-90
Rotary torque ( N.m ) 3000
Host power ( Kw ) 56
For rock (f) 6-20
Total weight (kg) 4800
Dimension (L * W * H) (mm) 5270*1950*2400
Note: As we continue to update our equipment, technical specifications may change at any time without additional notice.