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Rotary Drilling Rig

1. The HF856A rotary drilling rig has a U-shaped connector between the props and drilling rig. The main winch is placed in a U-shaped groove in view of the operator, who can clearly observe the working condition.
2. This drilling equipment carefully guides the drill pipe for accurate vertical drilling and doesn't need to be dissembled during transportation.
3. The compact and lightweight design makes the rotary driller easy to transport at low costs.
4. The minimum vertical height of the prop can be adjusted to less than 13m. Low altitude construction work can be done after selecting the right drill pipe.

Technical Data
Drilling diameter 600 - 1500(mm)
Max. drilling depth 56(m)
Chassis (max. traveling speed) 3(km/h)
Auxiliary winch (rope diameter) 16(mm)
Auxiliary winch (max. line speed) 50(m/min)
Auxiliary winch (max. line pull) 60( kN )
Main winch (rope diameter) 21.5(mm)
Main winch (max. line speed) 70(m/min)
Main winch (max. line pull) 120( kN )
Crowd (max. stroke) 2(m)
Crowd (max. pull) 80( kN )
Crowd (max. push) 120( kN )
Rotary drive (rotation speed) 0-22(r/min)
Rotary drive (max. torque) 80( kN.m )
Diesel engine 6bt5.9 Cummins
Engine (rated power) 108/2100( kw /rpm)
Operating weight of total machine 38000(kg)
Overall measurement (transport data) 13350×3200×3200(mm)