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Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig

1. The folding mast structure of the HF530 hydraulic rotary drilling rig has the advantages of a simple structure with great durability and ease of maintenance throughout its working lifetime.
2. Using a high position-oriented structure for the frame, the drilling unit can realize a vertical position between the Kelly bar and ground. This increases work efficiency by a significant metric.
3. The power head features a unique patented structure, saving costs through efficiency and repair convenience.
4. Main windlass: The imported hydraulic pressure motor is designed for sensitive reaction and allows for free lowering with speeds up to 80m/min. The main winch is located in sight of the operating station in order to allow the operator to observe the winch during use.

HF-530 technical data

Max drilling diameter
86kw/2200rpm Cummins B3.9-C
Max drilling depth 30m Hydraulic pump Toshiba/ Doushan
Engine rated power 86kw(/112kw) Hydraulic valve Toshiba/ Doushan
Rotary drive torque 50knm(60knm) Stroke Toshiba/ Doushan
Rotary drive speed 1-22rpm Rotary drive motor Italy sai
Max pull of winch 80Kn Main winch motor Italy sai
Max pressure 100kn Auxiliary winch Italy sai
Working dimensions 11148*2600*5816
Transport dimensions 10268*2600*3217
Machine weight 25000kg Drilling bar φ299X7mX5