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Hydraulic Underground Drilling Rig

The HFU-3A hydraulic underground drilling rig is used for mining coal, geological surveying, metallurgy and engineering. This deepwater drilling rig can drill horizontally or vertically for coal mines and water injection. Stable and reliable, the offshore drilling equipment performs roller drilling, hard tungsten-carbide drilling and percussive-rotary drilling.

Main Technical Specifications of Underground Drilling Rig
Drilling depth Φ 55mm drilling rod 300m Drill rod spec Φ 55 ×1500mm
Φ 71 × 1500mm
Φ 71mm drilling rod 200m
Range of spindle rotating speed 425-1280 rpm Max. rotating torque of spindle 795N.m
Working pressure 25MPa Spindle stroke 1600mm
Max. lifting force of drill head 62KN Max. feeding force of drill head 33KN
Sliding stoke of mast 495 mm Swing angle of mast bracket (left & right) 90 °
Swing angle of arm (up and down) 100° Power unit YB225M-4(dIICT4)
Explosion-proof electric motor 45KW/1480 rpm
Dimensions Main machine(L*W*H) 2950*950*1850 mm Weight Main machine 1000kg
Power unit 1050kg
Power unit(L*W*H) 1900*980*1320 mm
Operation cabinet 140kg
Operation cabinet(L*W*H) 540*360*1080 mm