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Our water well drilling rigs are exported to customers from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. With over 12 years of experience in making irrigation drill rigs, you can rely on our quality and stability. Each of our products have passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification and are used for open mining, water conservancy, power plants, road building, and rock blasting. Our water well drilling rigs include truck mounted water well drilling rigs, portable water well drilling rigs, and trailer mounted water well drilling rig.
The DTH drilling rig is widely used in mining, highway and water conservancy, power station construction and other construction projects. Since 1998, Hanfa Group has been manufacturing quality mining drilling equipment and providing technical services for their repair and maintenance to customers around the world. Each of our DTH drill crawlers are designed for stability and durability, even when drilling through hard rock and rugged terrain.
With our advanced technology and service systems, Hanfa Group offers five rotary drilling rigs for different construction projects. Each of our piling rigs have passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification and are guaranteed to operate with reliability, efficiency, and stability. We offer land rig at the best prices with services that will help you care for and repair your machinery so it will last for years. We provide technical support for both our Chinese and our international customers.
Our core drilling rigs are widely used in engineering and geological exploration for large diameter holes and shallow drilling in petroleum and natural gas mining, tunnel ventilation, drainage, water well projects and foundation pile construction. Featuring computer control, safe and efficient operation, and a comfortable user experience, the core drill rig models include HF-2, HF-4, HF-8, HF-42, and HF-44A. Each of our oil drilling equipment has passed ISO9001:2000 and CE Quality System Certification.
The hyraulic directional drilling rig or HDD rig has a steel track and excavator chassis, closed circuit for high efficiency and minimal operating force. Featuring a well-designed structure, convenient operation, and high stability, the hydraulic horizontal directional driller is used to lay long distance pipelines. The HDD driller is widely exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
The hydraulic drilling rig for construction projects uses a fully hydraulic pressure drive, constant power variable loop, and wheel cylinder for a strong drilling performance in any terrain. These onshore drilling rigs, with a lower plate made of steel, have automatic adjustable torques according to load and angles that significantly reduces pressure on the drill to prevent the chance of breaking. We’ve designed the oil and gas well drilling rig with the convenience of the operator in mind and with reliable drilling to ensure the quality of your construction project.
The BW160/BW200/BW250 mud pumps are used with irrigation and agricultural machinery to supply mud or water. During geological surveys or borehole drilling, the irrigation mud pump lubricates drill bits and drilling tools to help dig deeper holes and carries unwanted rock debris out of the hole.
Our water detectors are sophisticated units that use relative parameters like resistivity variation to locate water prior to well drilling. The devices can find the location of the water but also provide information such as depth and outflow. The highly accurate equipment saves time and money by eliminating the process of drilling and searching for water manually.