Partner Examples

HF130Y Loading Into Container
Our Australian customer, Tony, bought a HF130Y drilling rig in February of 2014 for a water well construction project. After several months, we asked Tony for feedback, and he said the drilling rig performs reliably in a number of conditions and has improved his production efficiency.
The drillingequipment is not only used for water well construction, but also piling anchors, photovoltaic solar spiral piles, and DTH blasting construction.

HF300Y Drill Rig Shipping for USA Customers
In the photo is one of our American customers who expressed interest in the HF300Y drilling rig. In 2013, he visited our factory and, after browsing our drilling rigs, he immediately decided to take one home. The HF300Y land drilling rig drills water wells, test wells, and exploration boreholes in industrial and agricultural water projects. This drill works well for geothermal heating and reinforces holes and loose gravel well. We shipped him our drill rig in July.

HF1100Y at Chinese Construction Site
The HF1100Y crawler hydraulic well drilling rig combines new hydraulic technology with little air consumption that makes it easy to adapt to various hole drilling projects. The compact structure, with a retractable sliding shelf compensation, maintains good stability when drilling, and drills through hard rock twice as fast as other machines. This drilling rig is ideal for open mining, water conservancy, power plants, road building and other rock blasting projects.

Switzerland Customer Inspects the HF100YA2 Drill Rig
In August of 2014, we shipped the HF100YA2 mining drilling equipment to Trix in Switzerland for use in open ore mining. Not only did she send back positive feedback, she placed an order for a second one in the following year.

Macedonia Customer Tests the HF200Y Drill Rig
HF200Y is widely used in industrial and agriculture water projects to drill water wells. Gligoroy, a customer from Macedonia, visited our facilities to test the HF200Y onshore drilling rig in March of 2015. Just two days later, he purchased it for use in his Macedonian business, saying afterward that the steel crawler chassis and hydraulic jacks allowed the drill rig to perform normally in strenuous environments. The crawler gives it flexible mobility, perfectly suited to his construction projects.

HF-3 Drilling Rig(customer visit)

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